Q. How long does the band play for?
A. A traditional wedding reception is 4 hours, You can of course, add overtime.

Q. What If there is a song that we like that is not on the bands playlist?
A. Usually we can learn the song.

Q. When do we have to let you know about our special requests?
A. After you book the band, you will be given your password to “log in” to our clients only section of the website.
We suggest you start entering right away and use that as your “online- file” but we need everyting in place at least 30 days prior to your wedding date.

Q. What happens when my meals are being served?
A. We ALWAYS have live continuous music performed by a couple of musicians in the band during your meals.

Q What will the band wear?
A. The women will be wearing long black gowns, The men will be wearing Black tuxedos with white shirts and black bow ties

Q. If we booked the 7pc band can we add musicians later?
A. Absolutely, You can add additional vocalists, Horn players, Sinatra specialist, or even something extraodrinary for your dinner entertainment.

Q Will there be someone in the band to make announcements?
A. Yes, the band will do all of the MC’ing through out the night to guide your party

Q. Do you take requests the night of my party?
A. Yes unless you direct us not to.